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All of our local chapter business counselors are unpaid volunteers.  Our minimal funding from National SCORE only covers a small portion of our expenses such as office supplies, and printing of promotional materials.  We only charge a $20 fee for our local workshops to cover some costs.  Making our services visible locally to potential clients has depended on free inserts in the local press which has declined greatly in the past few years.


Thankfully, the ongoing support of local sponsors has helped us publish “The Entrepreneur Guidebook” annually to ensure sustainability and  increased opportunities for entrepreneurs, and  small business owners locally here in the Lehigh Valley. The local sponsorship  has enabled us to pay for our website, and chapter operation. Nevertheless, to have a broader outreach in  the local business community, we need additional sponsorships to help create new businesses and many new jobs.



Join other local sponsors and donors who have added Lehigh Valley SCORE as one of the local organizations of choice and support entrepreneurship.



To help fill our fund raising gap, please consider making a donation to Lehigh Valley SCORE to support our chapter activities. It will go a long way to getting our finances to more sustainable levels.  Your generosity is much appreciated.  All donations to Lehigh Valley SCORE are tax deductible.




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