Dr. Ulas and her family immigrated to the United States from Turkey after she attended a conference in Chicago on Public Health regarding screening tests for congenital diseases in newborns.  The meeting inspired her .  While working as a primary care physician in an underserved area of Turkey, she realized that the majority of health issues in the community were preventable through health measures and education.   She then combined her medical degree which she earned at the University  Cerrahpasa School of Medicine and her twenty years of experience with health coaching and subsequently earned her Health Coach Certificate.  It then became a family endeavor.  Her children assist in handling marketing and design through their talents in art and writing. 

My successes. 

Lehigh Valley SCORE was honored this year to have a Small Business Champion selected from hundreds of participants.  Dr. Mehri Ulas submitted a video describing her wellness business, Wonder Health & Wellness, LLC.  We interviewed Dr. Ulas at a recent mentoring session with her mentor,  J. Michael Knuff.

After Dr. Ulas was notified that she was one of the champions, she prepared her presentation for SCORE in Washington, DC.   She thought it was complete but realized that small result-oriented changes were required after attending talks and workshops by David Bobbitt and Giselle Chapman which presented different perspectives. After instituting these changes, her presentation became an additional service offered by her  company.  “Thus, as you can see, the training helped grow my business actively,” she commented. “With the money, I was able to improve my business’ technological sources and online representation.  I also used the money to extend my business’ team by hiring a part-time editor who was useful for preparing and perfecting service materials.”

We wish Dr. Mehri Ulas continued success as one of Lehigh Valley SCORE’s ongoing mentees and success stories. For more information on Wonder Health & Wellnes, LLC please visit wonderhealthusa.com


How SCORE helped. 

She heard of SCORE from another healthcare coach and applied for a mentor.  Her idea blossomed as she discussed her idea with Mike Knuff and continued on a regular basis with the sessions.  Mike commented that Mehri has always been wonderful to work with since her enthusiasm, openness and diligence enabled her to advance her business.  She always did her homework.  SCORE has been a great resource to her she says by helping her start her business with the right tools and guidance and to keep her on the right track with webinars, articles, events and Mike’s continual exc ellent assistance.

Dr. Mehri Ulas Success Story